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Saturday, 12 June 2004 11:54

 Alot of time has passed on Emerald Dream since its launch. Alliances were formed and broken, guilds did their best to survive, to beat an endless cycle of PVP, PVE content and End-game raids. Hopefully it made people realise what their motives for playing were, be it content, socialising, competing for server firsts or simply enjoying the fishing extravaganza.

Many people wondered where the road of TBC will take them next. Would the future hold any certainty, any security at all? The biggest challenge was yet to be faced. In the form of:



Against all odds a small group of people dared to dream of building a guild where people would find themselves amongst friends. So on January the 10th a guild called Resurgam was officially created.

At first our only plans were to have a guild where we could all enjoy the game without any timetables or pressure, where maturity and mutual respect for one another would be our building blocks, where ego trips would not be welcomed and obsession with minor ingame goals would not corrupt the innocent. With time, more and more likeminded people joined the guild and it made us realise that we might take it to the next level, which was: experiencing content while not beeing limited by fast progress and beeing seen as one of the top end-game guilds on ED. Instead we adopted a more forgiving system of experiencing content that allows every individual to take part in seeing what the game has to offer and still remain sane and not chained to the game.

In other words Resurgam is a raiding guild that is out there first and foremost to have fun. We have around 80 members, some are here mostly for the social aspect and to remain with their close friends and others are here to see and conquer content.

We raid 4 times weekly from 20.00 server time till 23.30 server time. Our members are mostly people above the age of 20 which value maturity and mutual respect above all. This does not make us grumpy old men and women afcourse, but rather gives us the ability to deal with different aspects of the game with the least bit of friction possible.

Our player base consists mostly of very experienced players from some of this servers known raiding guild pre TBC. Most of our players were previously in guilds such as Ashes, Mortalis, Spirit Odyssey, Vita Nova, The White Dragons, Twilight Gambit ...
This gives a very good chance of success in WOW, mainly because most of us have probably experienced many bad and good sides of WOW and learned how to deal with them.

If you are interested in joining our community please read the application guidelines and fill in the questionaire found in these subfora.
To everyone, enjoy your time in WoW and we hope to see you around now and again!

Written by: Frosty

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